Wednesday, 20 November 2013

AAD PE - Meet 'n Greet

Its official! AAD Port Elizabeth is hosting its first Meet 'n Greet this coming Saturday, 23rd November 2013 at the Cleary Park Shopping Centre from 12h00 - Contact CLINT on 072-049-8852. Neighbouring towns are welcome to join in!

Well, it was bound to happen... All About Datsun just cannot be contained... we've outgrown our initial plans and have grown in leaps 'n bounds...

We have called on REPRESENTATIVES to step forward within specific areas to assist the AAD Movement - to allow like-minded DATSUN enthusiast the opportunity to get together within their own environment / area and appreciate the brand, the rides, the family, etc. No need to wait for one massive event in CAPE TOWN - you could organize a small gathering within your own town / area.

So this is a big shout-out to Clint der Baai who stepped up in PE to make it all possible... We wish you all the best... do keep us in the loop though - pics need to be updated... LOL!  :-)

ALL ABOUT DATSUN - Its a lifestyle - Its about FAMILY!

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  1. Definitely will update with pics..thanks bru