Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Planned Park-Off, Sunday 30 August (15h00)

Hey Datsun Family! I trust that everyone is doing great! Its been too long since this blog has been updated with anything interesting.

There will be a Park-Off this coming Sunday, 30 August from around 15h00, at the Airport Mall in Belhar. Everyone welcome! One of the topics at hand will be the up and coming AAD Eastern Cape trip to Cape Town planned for end October 2015


Hope to see you there!
AAD - We're all FAMILY!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's in a name?

Sometimes I just need to explore / create / drive / rant & rave... anything to get my Datsun fix. Other times I think I can design. This is what I came up with this time. Hope you like it...

Sunday, 3 May 2015

AAD Meet: 1st of May (Part 2)

It was a quick drive from Vangate Mall to Nantes Park (refer Part1 for more info). There was more than enough parking for everyone... We headed inside to sit under a lovely covering where we had an awesome get together and family time.

The mood was relaxed. Everyone had something to say or comment on. People got Nostalgic on previous AAD Events and how we should get together as a group for this year. One great suggestion was a regular meeting say the first Sunday of the new month and more informal "Breakfast Runs" to just get out with the rides (no need to HAVE breakfast - Datsun's need to be DRIVEN!).

Doc making some schweet suggestions...
 A sample of a new proposed AAD Golf Shirt was sent around for everyone to see and inspect. Certain changes were mentioned and suggested, such as proper embroidery, the addition of a peak cap and perhaps smaller / kids sizes. Watch the Facebook Page in future as the design is finalised and pricing is determined.

AAD Family truly are a jolly bunch. Wish you were here?
Let us all build on the future of the All About Datsun Movement & Family way of life. Feel free to interact with us through the Facebook Page, WhatsApp Groups, commenting on the Blog Articles and interacting with fellow Datsun Family in your immediate area.

Plans for the year include monthly meets, breakfast runs, Mosselbay Halway Run (with ECape), Hermanus Whale Run, Eastern Cape Visit, Montagu Run. Watch this space for more info.

But for now, let these images put a smile on your faces...

BlueMotion Datsun - the way of the future?

AllAboutDATSUN - We're family!

Friday, 1 May 2015

So i made my way to the quiet but beautiful town of Middelburg just outside of Pretoria.I met up with a like minded Datsun individual by the name of Riaan Jacobs.What a humble and bubbly person he is.I could not believe all those nice Datsun's of the model 160z series.
Riaan showed me the current project he is working on!48mm weberside draughts to speed up the process and make it faster.a nice 2.4 engine very nicely built and by the way he is hands on every step of the way.
Engine is very neatly fitted to perfection.riaan will be us ing this ride for everyday use, say what?yes he said this will be a nice road car.so where did it all start for him.it started with his very first ride which was a datsun.A very well organised workshop to match the cars!
The body of this blue 160z is very nice.i think i will let the pics do the speaking!!!

Nice wheels to match this monster! Some nice alluminium panels to go with this build's
good looks.


                                 Nice and clean!
And what a sexy ass!Riaan knows how to make them sexy and some mean ass scoop,gonna look awesome!Thumbs up bro.

Lekka coilovers as well!

Let the pics speak!!

   And some creativity to go along with the cars nice lines that gives this car some character.     


Article by Clive Alies@admin

AAD Meet: 1st of May (Part 1)

Friday, 1st of May 2015 - A public holiday in South Africa called Workers Day. Today the All About Datsun family also decided to get together as a unit and enjoy each other's company and get our "Datsun Fix" by getting some of the beautiful rides together. And what a surprise, what a turn-out. Personally I'm so glad I attended. Its been too long, but the beauty of family is: They always take (welcome) you back! Thanks me familia!

As was agreed, we all rocked up to Vangate Mall at around 10:00am. But I noticed a few good looking 1400 UTE's parked at the MacDonalds there, so I pulled in there... Glad I did!

AAD in CTown do not have a great understanding with Metro. So we moved. LOL!


We were met with a few extra Datsun's at Vanguard Mall and as the time creeped past 10:00am quite a crowd gathered there. The Datsun's together also made quite an impact.

Coupe's looking uber smart and cool, as always.

Its how you STAND next to your Datsun!
Quite a friendly bunch!

I would also smile like that if I owned an awesome Datsun!

Subtle tags on your ride. Could be an extra 5kW that! I love these BTW!

Se vir jou ma jy het 'n DATSUN gesien!
"Tell your ma you saw a DATSUN!"
Mom = Ma (as in Grand-MA)

We spend a few moments taking some pics and getting social at Vangate Mall, before heading off to Nantas Park (photo's to follow)...

Special thanks to everyone that attended the Meet 'n Greet. Its always appreciated...
All About Datsun - We're about family