Saturday, 13 September 2014

Spring Fever Run, Zeekoeivlei (06-Sept-14)

All About Datsun finally shook off the Winter Blues with their first run (meet 'n greet / bring 'n braai) on 6th of September 2014 - The Spring Fever Run. Guys were eager to attend, but last minute changes (and the weather) caused some issues.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Throwback: AAD Datsun 510 Day (Part 2)

----------------------------- And so it begins -----------------------------
(find Part 1 here).

After our quick stop to re-group and take in the scenery in and around Helshoogte...
Re-Grouped and ready for the road

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Spring Fever Meet&Greet, Zeekoeivlei

Its Sping time! Spring Fever is upon us! Time to dust off the covers and polish your rides again as we get ready for another Meet 'n Greet this coming Saturday, 06 September 2014. We're planning to goto Zeekoeivlei for an awesome day of DATSUN talks, car viewing, picture taking, get to knowing, ALL THINGS DATSUN.

For those of you not sure where to go or be, the Northern Suburbs Group plan to meet at West Gate Mall around 08:00 am to depart at around 09:00. Contact Brendon @0719092962 or Clive @0822118946 for more info and such!

See you there! Its going to be EPIC!

All About DATSUN - We're about family and togetherness!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Winter Blues...

I get it. Winter is not for everyone. And I guess Cape Town and the rest of South Africa is undergoing what is considered one of the coldest winter's we've seen in ages... But please... Is that truly a reason why we haven't had a meeting or drive in the last few weeks? I for one am having a serious Datsun urge/craving... Familia.... we need to do SOMETHING! And SOON!

Datsun - We are driven (thanks to Phillip for the inspiration)

To cover my urge I'm playing around with images... Perhaps I should be posting past events as well just to cover the urge. I'm also trying my utmost to get my ride back on the road...

What are you doing to get through this "dry spell?" In SA's winter! LOL!

All About Datsun - We are driven!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

AAD Datsun 510 Day (Part 1)

May 10th signifies DATSUN 510 amongst the owners. Its a day where we commemorate the P510 Datsun - and we try to get our rides out on the road that specific day. All About DATSUN decided to celebrate the day with an open invitation to any car enthusiast to come along for a drive/cruize through Stellenbosch, Helshoogte, Franshhoek, Theewaterskloofdam, Grabouw & Sir Lowry's Pass.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Remember to VOTE!

AllAboutDATSUN would just like to remind all its members to go and cast their votes at the 2014 South African General Elections (on Wednesday, 7 May 2014). Your Vote Counts!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Planned event: DATSUN 510 Day (May, 10th)

AllAboutDATSUN is proud to invite all of its members and other car enthusiasts (in and around Cape Town) on a scenic cruize on DATSUN 510 Day - on May the 10th 2014 - ALL rides welcome! The idea is to enjoy our rides on an enjoyable and pleasant drive with like minded individuals. We plan frequent stops to take in the views, take a few pictures to commemorate the day and just to talk all things Datsun!