Tuesday, 9 December 2014

AAD Toy Run 2014

AAD Charity

All About Datsun - We're about family. And at times families have to look out for one another. On Sunday 07 December 2014 a few AAD Members got together to visit Sive Nathi Care Centre in Blackheath.

The Front Entrance to the NPO

Sive Nathi is an Non-Profit Organisation who cares for physically disabled children, aged between 1 & 18, with Muscular DystrophyThe NPO is dependent on donations and through various donations bought two (2) adjacent houses and with their staff cater for these children on a permanent basis, for all their needs. As expected, the needs of this NPO is extensive. All About Datsun would like to get involved wherever assistance is needed.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Oom (uncle) Chris

Oom (uncle) Chris. A local Datsun legend. A man whois always available to give a helping hand, advice, a spare part or two, and offer his Datsun as transport to a few special people. This is a "Thank You" from everyone for what you've done for us all at All About Datsun!

This is oom Chris' pride and joy - an 1800 Datsun SSS GL Coupe. Come and drool with me...



Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Postage Stamps

Here's something a little different - part of my Postage Stamp (Random) Series. Hope you like. John
All About Datsun - We're about FAMILY!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Datsun Go+ (Sparco Spec)

Let me guess. Like me you are probably wondering what the heck Nissan / Datsun was thinking when they released the Datsun Go+ 1.2 L on our shores. Gone were our beloved straight body lines, the strong character and the joy of our beloved SSS badge(ing) and heritage.

Then we were flooded by videos of how exactly this "so-called car" failed miserably at the NCAP Standard Car Safety Test (read more here). And you thought how can such a great thing be re-introduced into the market and be so bad, the total opposite of what they were trying to achieve.

Well, perhaps there's some hope. If one can save an old Datsun and improve on the formula with some "new bits of technology..." Haven't you dreamt of a L28 or VVL Motor within that small shell? Perhaps one can make lemonade with the latest offering...

Introducing the Datsun Go+ Sparco Spec.... We'll probably never see it, unless someone from Vereeniging, Boksburg or Mitchells Plain goes "BOSS" in the backyard.... Hmmm?

For complete article and more images at Response JP

At the end of the day,
We're about FAMILY!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

On the Spot - Datsun 140Z

You just can't keep a good Datsun down. While driving from Zevenwaght Mall in Kuils River earlier today I spotted this beauty - a 140Z Datsun. Much to my surprise I notice a certain Facebook comment from Riaan Jacobs that he is expecting this lovely lady soon. Good to know she'll be looked well after once she reaches him. Riaan - You are indeed a lucky fellow!

All About Datsun - We're about preserving our heritage!

Cellpics, but enjoy!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Spring Fever Run, Zeekoeivlei (06-Sept-14)

All About Datsun finally shook off the Winter Blues with their first run (meet 'n greet / bring 'n braai) on 6th of September 2014 - The Spring Fever Run. Guys were eager to attend, but last minute changes (and the weather) caused some issues.