Saturday, 2 August 2014

Winter Blues...

I get it. Winter is not for everyone. And I guess Cape Town and the rest of South Africa is undergoing what is considered one of the coldest winter's we've seen in ages... But please... Is that truly a reason why we haven't had a meeting or drive in the last few weeks? I for one am having a serious Datsun urge/craving... Familia.... we need to do SOMETHING! And SOON!

Datsun - We are driven (thanks to Phillip for the inspiration)

To cover my urge I'm playing around with images... Perhaps I should be posting past events as well just to cover the urge. I'm also trying my utmost to get my ride back on the road...

What are you doing to get through this "dry spell?" In SA's winter! LOL!

All About Datsun - We are driven!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

AAD Datsun 510 Day (Part 1)

May 10th signifies DATSUN 510 amongst the owners. Its a day where we commemorate the P510 Datsun - and we try to get our rides out on the road that specific day. All About DATSUN decided to celebrate the day with an open invitation to any car enthusiast to come along for a drive/cruize through Stellenbosch, Helshoogte, Franshhoek, Theewaterskloofdam, Grabouw & Sir Lowry's Pass.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Remember to VOTE!

AllAboutDATSUN would just like to remind all its members to go and cast their votes at the 2014 South African General Elections (on Wednesday, 7 May 2014). Your Vote Counts!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Planned event: DATSUN 510 Day (May, 10th)

AllAboutDATSUN is proud to invite all of its members and other car enthusiasts (in and around Cape Town) on a scenic cruize on DATSUN 510 Day - on May the 10th 2014 - ALL rides welcome! The idea is to enjoy our rides on an enjoyable and pleasant drive with like minded individuals. We plan frequent stops to take in the views, take a few pictures to commemorate the day and just to talk all things Datsun!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

AAD Facebook Group Milestone

Congratulations to All About Datsun, who officially welcomed member number 1600 to the Facebook Group! Thanks to all the members, who makes all this worthwhile and possible! Here's to the next 1600 Members!

All About Datsun - Its about family!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

On the Spot: Donavan in Kuils River

The Man (Donny) and his ride
Its always great to see a Datsun where you least expect it. I took a mundane family trip earlier today and spotted this beauty parked in Soneike, and I had to make a fool of myself to make the time and introduce myself... Luckily I've talked to the owner before - and of course I've seen that ride on many a run and shoot before... So the decision was easy... make the time, meet the owner, take some snaps. This is what I came up with. And to think - she looks even better up close - and the owner isn't too bad a guy either! :-) Sorry Donny!

DATSUN, Colour, Rims, Stance - Do you need more?
Pic and angle - shoot - AWESOMENESS!
Standard interior - wooden steering wheel... *smiles*
Standard motor with SU's - Plans to mod/upgrade on the cards... Watch this space...
Deep dish just finishes this Datsun off!

So All About Datsun Members - get some pics in and share your ride with the rest of the world! Perhaps we can make more memories at the planned International 510 Day, the 10th of May... What say you?

All About Datsun - Its about family!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Just playing...

I'm always looking at updating / creating / editing pics... Here's my latest (just to keep myself out of trouble). Hope you like it too! Later! John

AAD, with Blogspot reference

Possible AAD Blog T-Shirt Print

All About Datsun LOGO (in DATSUN Colours) (Blue Mountain)

DATSUN P510 1600 T-Shirt Sample, with AAD Blogspot Logo